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Welcome Summoner!

This is a complete list of champion skins available in the game. This list will of course be updated as new champions and skins are available. (hoover mouse over picture to see skin name)

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396. Battlecast Xerath 491. Scorched Earth Xerath 870. Guardian of the Sands Xerath 392. Classic Xerath 397. Runeborn Xerath

Xin Zhao
572. Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao 362. Classic Xin Zhao 364. Imperial Xin Zhao 365. Viscero Xin Zhao 366. Winged Hussar Xin Zhao 363. Commando Xin Zhao

612. High Noon Yasuo 611. Classic Yasuo 652. PROJECT: Yasuo

367. Classic Yorick 369. Pentakill Yorick 368. Undertaker Yorick

606. Special Weapon Zac 605. Classic Zac

682. SKT T1 Zed 535. Classic Zed 913. PROJECT: Zed 536. Shockblade Zed

872. Master Arcanist Ziggs 543. Snow Day Ziggs 458. Mad Scientist Ziggs 521. Pool Party Ziggs 459. Major Ziggs 457. Classic Ziggs

895. Blood Moon Zilean 370. Classic Zilean 371. Old Saint Zilean 372. Groovy Zilean 373. Shurima Desert Zilean 374. Time Machine Zilean

607. Haunted Zyra 500. Wildfire Zyra 683. SKT T1 Zyra 499. Classic Zyra

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778 skins. And more will come...

If you have an idea for a new team skin theme, suggestions for changes of the current themes or just want to leave some feedback then you can use the contact form to get in touch.

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